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Increase Your Fuel Efficiency
and Decrease Your Energy Costs

Biodiesel Production Techniques and Biodiesel Processors


At Valley View Electric in Helena, Montana, we are helping you to reduce your energy costs and increasing fuel efficiency through Biodiesel production, POWER-SAVE 1200 and SUN-WIZE Solar panels. We carry Biodiesel processors that convert new or used vegetable oil into Biodiesel for use in any diesel motor. The final product can go straight into the tank and will be ready for travel. From reducing emissions to a smoother running vehicle, Biodiesel production can help you.

POWER-SAVE 1200 It's an energy-wise purchasing decision with many positive environmental implications. Power Suppliers also benefit by being able to supply power to more customers without the generation or acquisition of additional power.

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Increase your fuel mileage by using Biodiesel. 

Our Featured Products Include: 

Vehicles • Generators • Farm Equipment • Diesel Furnaces • Biodiesel Processors

The Benefits of Biodiesel Production:

Costs Less Than $1/gallon • Brew Your Own Fuel
Easy Conversion Process • Hands-On Time is Less Than 30 Minutes

Gas - Contact us in Helena, Montana, to learn how our biodiesel production techniques and biodiesel processors can increase your fuel efficiency.

Exceptional Service
Our owner is an Master electrician and began this business as an average consumer. The motivation was to find a balance against outrageous Fuel prices, heating rates, and energy costs. Biodiesel has an infinite shelf life and is cost efficient. We carry the Fuel Meister II that processes 40 gallons in 24 hours, and the Fuel Meister II DUAL, that can process 3-40 gallon batches every 24 hours. An instructional video accompanies each processor, and we also provide exceptional service, nationwide shipping, and a calendar of events for Biodiesel workshops. From professional service to savings on energy costs, Biodiesel can help you find your balance against the gas companies. Call us for more information.

Contact us in Helena, Montana, to learn how our Biodiesel production
techniques and Biodiesel processors can increase your fuel efficiency.

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